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Toxic chemicals surround us. We envelope ourselves and our children in toxic perfumed laundry detergents; we smear our bodies and hair with untested creams, gels and shampoos. We further damage our health with pesticides used in lawn and garden care, and in agriculture. It is time for legislation to replace the never adequate and very outdated Toxics Substances Control Act. To view each entry, just click on the title or link(s) within each entry.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Exposures to Pesticides Cause Alarming Health Problems, Especially to Developing Brains

The March 31, 2014 publication of The Nation contains a lengthy article titled Pesticides and the Young Brain, New research raises alarms-- but will anything be done? This piece was very well-researched and presented by Susan Freinkel and Lee Fang. It brings to light the fact that pesticides used in agriculture, and in nonagricultural places like our lawns and golf courses, cause serious health problems ranging from cancers to diabetes to Parkinson's. Furthermore, it has been proven that children, when prenatally exposed to certain pesticides, suffered from "poorer memory, which affects learning, reading comprehension, and the ability to pay attention." And, as if that is not enough reason to stop the unnecessary use of lawn, garden and agricultural pesticides... "Studies of organophosphate pesticides and others have also found associations between in utero exposure and birth defects or childhood cancers. Other research, meanwhile, has linked childhood exposure with asthma, ADHD, early puberty and obesity." Please take the time to read the link (below), to get a full understanding of where we are at with proving the cause and effect aspect of pesticide use and health issues. It is imperative to tell our government that it is time to hold Big Chemical accountable for the tainting of our lives  with absurdly dangerous, untested synthetic pesticides.