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Toxic chemicals surround us. We envelope ourselves and our children in toxic perfumed laundry detergents; we smear our bodies and hair with untested creams, gels and shampoos. We further damage our health with pesticides used in lawn and garden care, and in agriculture. It is time for legislation to replace the never adequate and very outdated Toxics Substances Control Act. To view each entry, just click on the title or link(s) within each entry.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More on Endocrine Disruption and Pesticides From the author of Time to Learn From Frogs

This is for real; not science fiction-- certain chemicals in our every day lives, such as those found in our perfumed or fragranced home care and personal care products, and in pesticides used in chemical lawn care and agriculture are known Endocrine Disruptors. Everyone of all ages can be adversely affected. Men can have reproductive and other sexual problems. Children can be born with certain deformities of their genitalia; there can be problems with the nervous system and and and... . A widely used herbicide acts as a female hormone and feminizes male animals in the wild. Thus male frogs can have female organs, and some male fish actually produce eggs. In a Florida lake contaminated by these chemicals, male alligators have tiny penises.
These days there is also growing evidence linking this class of chemicals to problems in humans. These include breast cancer, infertility, low sperm counts, genital deformities, early menstruation and even diabetes and obesity.  But the scientists who know endocrine disruptors best overwhelmingly are already taking steps to protect their families. John Peterson Myers, chief scientist at Environmental Health Sciences and a co-author of the new analysis, said that his family had stopped buying canned food.
“We don’t microwave in plastic,” he added. “We don’t use pesticides in our house. Click the link below to read Kristof's latest piece in the New York Times on the subject. Thank you.